The Loctite ML-11 is formulated as a Penetrating Oil, Rust Inhibitor, Dewatering Agent and All-around Lubricant.  With a mild cherry scent, the Loctite ML-11 may be used without detrimental effect to all metals, plastics, and rubbers. In 360 ml spray cans.

The Loctite 7039 is an Electrical & Electronics Contact Cleaner that does not affect any components and varnishes.  It is quick-drying in nature, and removes and moisture and contamination on electrical and electronic contacts.  It may be in applications up to 50oC, and importantly, it leaves an invisible and undetectable film that repels water for protection.  In 360 ml spray cans.

Syntech’s Dry PTFE Spray is a white, solid, dry, tenacious and non-toxic film sprayed into guides, chutes, pins, cams and slides.  Usable for temperatures of up to 270oC, use the Dry PTFE ensures a clean, non-stick lubricating condition at all times. In 400 ml cans.

Syntech’s Dry Moly spray is a black, solid, dry, tenacious and wear-resistant film sprayed into plain bearings, guides, chutes, pins, cams, slides, ejector pins and other applications wherein fluid oils and greases are not applicable. It may used in temperatures up to 450oC, and prevents the pick-up of contaminants.  May also be used as an anti-seize agent. In 400 ml cans.

The Syntech HD Degreaser cuts through oils, grease, grime, sludges, waxes and other deposits that are difficult to wash off by conventional methods.  Simply spray on the surfaces affected, and allow the fluid to soak for a few minutes before wiping or washing off the contaminants with water.  For heavier contamination, allow the fluid to soak for a longer duration.  Safe for all substrates.  In 400 ml cans.

The Syntech Food Multi-Spray is an NSF H1 rated Lubricant for use in chains, links, pins, pivots, small bearings and other metal components that may have incidental contact with food stuffs.  It may also be used as a Penetrating Oils, Rust Preventive and a Dewatering Agent. Fully synthetic in nature, it is highly resistant to water and may applied to temperatures of up to 270oC.  In 400 ml cans.

Syntech’s Ruby Spray Grease is a Lithium Complex Grease fortified with PTFE in order to withstand high temperatures and extreme loads.   It does not leave sticky or gummy residues, and provides excellent corrosion protection.  Use at temperatures of up to 220oC and up to speed factors of 750,000.  In 400 ml cans.

For hand-applied machining, especially for tapping, reaming and drilling, Syntech Procut Liquid and Compound reduces the frictional forces in the cutting process, and reduces temperatures.  In effect, tool life is prolonged, while surface finish is at an optimum.   The products are safe for non-ferrous metals and especially formulated for hard steels including Stainless Steels and Inconel.  Apply on the cutting tool by brush or dipping.  In 400 ml cans.

Tacbecon’s S1100 is a paste with fine copper particles applied on threaded components such as large bolts and nuts to prevent seizure, stress-cracking, and corrosion.  It also reduces dismantling torque significantly, prolonging the life of machine components.  Apply on the threaded assembly after cleaning, by brush.  May be used up to 1,000oC.  In 500 gram jars.


Your investment on the following tools and equipment will surely boost your plant productivity by:

  • Optimizing coolant performance for better tool life and surface finish
  • Improving machine operator comfort by eliminating bacterial odors
  • Reducing man-hours required to perform coolant maintenance activities

Economixer 100

  • Our Coolant Proportioning Mixer and Dispenser is a drum or wall mounted proportioner automatically mixing liquid coolant concentrates with water and dispenses the diluted solution into any sump or container.
  • Adjust concentration by selecting the right nozzle tip
    One year warranty

Economixer 200

  • Designed for speed, accuracy, and cost savings. Simply insert the unit into a 15 – 55 gallon drum of coolant concentrate and connect a water line to the unit.
  • Adjust concentration by turning the rotary knob until desired concentration is attained
    One year warranty


Chip and Coolant Separation System
The air driven Chiperator vacuums and filters old cutting fluids loaded with chips from machine sumps, tanks and parts washers.Save money by making old coolant useable again.
The Chiperator is an inexpensive way to clean dirty machine sumps. The air driven Chiperator quickly separates chips and swarf from liquids. It drains or refills its 55 gallon drum in less than 2 minutes! Simply suck up coolant laden with chips, swarf and muck, and the Chiperator strains the unwanted solids. The Chiperator then pumps the strained coolant back to the sump.
• One year warranty
Mighty Mini
The stainless steel Mighty Mini is a compact belt skimmer designed for parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps. With its large discharge trough and small operating space, the Mighty Mini fits almost anywhere. The stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion in harsh environments. It is lightweight and requires no assembly. With its durable stainless steel construction, it is built to give long lasting performance.
• 304 SS construction means longer life
• Oil pickup rate of up to 4L per hour
• Fan cooled gear motor
• Spring loaded stabilizer bar
• Available in lengths from 6 to 24 inches
• Integrated timer allows operation when needed
• Dual wipers get oil out quicker
• Sealed shaft for longer motor life
• One year limited warranty
The Abanaki Coolescer is a must for any machine shop dealing with machine tool coolant. This unit will extend coolant life, reduce disposal costs, eliminate down time, improve tool life and help prevent dermatitis.• Peristaltic pump won’t emulsify oil and coolant
• Coalescing media never needs to be replaced
• Works while machine is running
• Handles fluctuating fluid levels effortlessly
• Self contained system
• Leak proof fittings
• One year warranty
Standard Features: Abanaki refractometers are available in three models, including two with a builtin-light.

R1-A Refractometer

  • Portable 0 – 32% Brix scale with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Internal light source that uses 1.5v button batteries
  • Big print scale
  • Aluminum construction

R1-B Refractometer

  • Portable 0 – 10% Brix scale with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Internal light source that uses 1.5v button batteries
  • Big print scale
  • Aluminum construction

R2/R3 Refractometer

  • Portable 0 – 32% Brix scale with automatic temperature compensation (ATC)
  • Accurate to 0.2% Brix
  • Aluminum construction
QVAC 100
The hard working Q-VAC 100 wet vacuum sucks up spills to maintain safety and removes coolant from machine sumps. Gets the job done quickly, quietly and maintenance free. Runs on compressed air.
• Low noise level
• Doesn’t foam up contents
• Catches drips
• Easy to move
• One year limited warranty

Coolant Mints

Put an End to that Nasty Rotten Egg Smell!

  • No hassle, no measuring, no mess
  • Eliminates coolant odors immediately by neutralizing hydrogen sulfide gases
  • Not a perfume
  • No disposal problems
  • Contains no formaldehyde
  • Safer and less expensive than biocides
  • 1 tablet per week maintains 25 gallons of coolant
  • 15 tablets per tube
The Abanaki pH Meter is an effective way to easily measure the pH level of coolant from a range of 0 – 14.

Standard Features:

  • 0-14 pH range, operating temperatures: 5º C to 50º C
  • ATC: automatic temperature compensation for accuracy
  • Power supply: DC4 X 1.5V (button battery)

• One year warranty against defects


Our Direct Lubricating Systems from Triboserv (Germany) ensures consistent lubrication at all times.  Moreover, Triboserv’s Flexxpumps prevent the entry of liquid and solid contamination into the machine elements, as well as inhibit the entry of the incorrect lubricants.   The bottom-line is that Triboserv Flexxpump Systems guarantee that your bearings, chains and open gears meet its expected life-times.

Use it for bearings, chains, open gears.

The Flexxpumps are programmable, solid and robust mechanically driven units housed in cast-zinc, and are powered by either a battery or a 24 VDC supply.  The units are programmable, and the grease cartridges are replaceable, while the oil units are refillable.

Flexxpump 400 series (400 cc grease units)

Flexxpump 500 series (500 ml oil units)

For complicated lubricating systems, our Flexxmaster solution offers optimum flexibility and reliability. Each Flexxmaster controls a maximum of four (4) Flexxpumps, each of which can be configured to have 1 to 4 lubricating outlets. Any one of the four (4) Flexxpumps may be allocated also for use in grease or oil lubrication.

We have a complete range of tube, fittings, electrical cables, grease cartridges, and lubricating foams.